Do you or your child struggle with READING or poor ATTENTION?

For the past 25 years Wynford Dore has pioneered research into the root cause of learning struggles, building on the ground-breaking discoveries from the HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL about the cerebellum.

The result is the unique on-line Zing Performance Program.

* 90% of Zing users improve in 6 key skill areas, including concentration, reading, working memory and response time.

In the latest episode of the Lifestyle Podcast you can listen to Luke Storey and Wynford discuss his personal journey, the science behind Zing and what this means for you.

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* 164 users (97 children). Program compliance greater than 75%. (July 2019).

What People say about Zing

If your child suffers with learning or attention problems

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The Zing Program had a HUGE impact on my son...

I never dreamed that simple exercises twice a day for 10 minutes would have SUCH an impact on our lives.

In school Thobias was so hyperactive, but now he finds reading easier and is so much calmer and happier.The teachers find it hard to believe that it’s the same child. They almost don’t recognise him. Before no one wanted to play with him because he couldn’t control his behaviour.

I felt horrible too: I was shouting at him because he was so challenging. I was so worried for his future life. It was so hard for him, but now his self-esteem has grown and he has made new friends.

Zing has changed our lives.


Mother of Thobias

If you relate to Melani and Thobias you are not alone!

1 in 5 children in the US have learning and attention issues

from poor reading and writing to ADHD and autism.

If you are caught in a never ending struggle with your child’s learning issues in reading, writing or spelling.

If you are frustrated through lack of progress and lack of answers from teachers and experts.

If your child is one of the millions who struggle, THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to choose a new path starting today.


Turn frustration, conflict and failure into HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND BETTER RESULTS in SCHOOL...

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